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2017 EXTREME FINISHER Series – Are you Extreme?

In 2017 we are back with our series of incredible events and races that extreme athletes and people of all ages and abilities could try to conquer! FLG X is a sponsor for each of these events and has chosen them for their unique nature and varied skill to complete each race or event.

Complete any official distance of 4 out of 7 events listed in the series and recieve the limited edition Medal and T-Shirt and a free admission pass to our Adventure Zip Lines! (Example: Complete FLG X, Mountain Man Sprint, Mountain Man Olympic and the GPHXO event and you are EXTREME!, or any other combo of 4 events!)

2017 Events – all events at Ft. Tuthill County Park or Lake Mary
Any Time              Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course (Ft. Tuthill County Park)
5/20/2017          Mountain Man Events Switcherooski (Ft. Tuthill County Park)
6/10/2017          Flagstaff Extreme Big Pine Trail Runs (Ft. Tuthill County Park)
7/1/2017            Terrain Mud Run (Ft. Tuthill County Park)
7/9/2017            Mountain Man Sprint and Olympic Triathlons (Lake Mary)
8/13/2017         Mountain Man Olympic and Half Iron Triathlons (Lake Mary)
9/16-17/2017          GPHXO – Sprint Orienteering competition, Adventure Race with Beginner Training (Ft. Tuthill County Park)

* Fine print: Offer may be changed at any time. In order to qualify, you must complete 4 of the 7 events: FLG X, any distance of the Big Pine Trail Runs, Terrain Mud Run and Mountain Man Triathlons and GPHXO Event. As proof please provide a photo of your black wristband from FLG X (or other proof of finish), your Big Pine/Terrain/Mountain Man Race Number or other proof of finish and a copy of the GPHXO Passport by emailing info@flagstaffextreme.com.

We will send you:
Extreme Finisher Medal
Extreme Finisher T-Shirt
Free Admission Pass to FLG X Adventure Zips!

We will post a link to submit your proof of participation later in the year.

Please allow us some time to gather the information at get the items in the mail. Thank You

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